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In 2007, Justin Bell was wrongly accused of a crime himself in Tennessee and felt his rights were violated and it cost a considerable amount to defend himself. Although the charge had no merit and did not result in a conviction, it spurned a burning desire in him to help others who have been wrongly accused or have been the victim of officers acting outside the parameters the law allows. He has dedicated his life to ensure that those who are entrusted to enforce the law do so while respecting the Constitutional Rights of every individual in this community.

Great DUI Attorney in Knoxville, TN Justin Bell

Criminal Defense Attorney in East Tennessee

Mr. Bell zealously represents clients in all criminal matters and has successfully represented hundreds of clients in criminal cases including DUI, narcotics offenses (drug charges), homicide, gun charges, assault, theft, robbery, burglary, personal injury, as well as other white-collar crimes. Mr. Bell has successfully owned and operated a construction company and manages his own law practice. His experience as a hands-on business manager has instilled in him the respect for hard work and the value of a dollar. 

His goal is to provide his clients with the highest level of representation, but to do so at an economic value. While beginning his legal practice primarily representing indigent clients, he remains willing to represent clients who cannot afford the exorbitant fees that many attorneys charge to achieve the same or less results. Mr. Bell believes that every client deserves the highest level of representation and that the inability to pay high fees should not preclude a person from receiving the same advantages enjoyed by the rich.

Mr. Bell is the “People’s Lawyer” and he will stop at nothing to fight for you and your life.

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Construction Lawyer in Knoxville, TN Bell Law Firm

Construction Law Helping Contractors and Vendors in Knoxville, TN

In 2006, Mr. Bell became a licensed general contractor and began building high-end residential homes for clients in East Tennessee. He still works with clients in the construction industry as a general contractor and assists clients who need representation in construction law cases, such as filing liens against those who fail to pay for services rendered. However, his primary focus is to help individuals who have been accused of criminal offenses in Tennessee.

Bell Law Firms Areas of Practice:

Construction Law

Construction Law

Construction Law


Prior to becoming an attorney, Justin Bell owned a construction and home renovation business. Working in the construction industry comes with a large amount of risk, and conflicts are arise easily. Justin helps prevent conflicts by helping you get your Construction Agreements in place or place a Tennessee Liens to ensure you get compensation. Having a Knoxville Construction Lawyer on your side means that you will have an advocate that is knowledgeable and skilled with real world experience.

Criminal Defense

Construction Law

Construction Law


Criminal Defense is a wide-ranging practice area covering all areas of criminal law from simple possession, domestic assault, theft, and up to federal charges, and murder.

DUI Defense

Construction Law

Personal Injury

dui attorney in knoxville, tn

DUI Defense is a specialized area of practice focusing on defending individuals accused of driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated or boating under the influence (DUI,  DWI, or BUI) of alcohol or drugs.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury


Personal Injury covers injuries and hardships that occur from car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, trucking accidents, wrongful death (medical or otherwise), and many other areas that involve injury to yourself or a loved one.


Personal Injury



Have you ever been arrested? Were the charges dismissed or were you convicted? You might be eligible to have those charges removed from your record. Expungements provide you with an opportunity to clean up your record, remove old charges that were dismissed, and in some situations even convictions. Tennessee law allows you to have any dismissal expunged or removed from the public record.

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