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Do you feel you've been taken advantage of while performing construction improvements?

If you feel you have been taken advantage of while either performing construction improvements to a property, delivering materials without being compensated, or having an arbitrary lien filed on your own property, contact The Bell Law Firm immediately to discuss your rights and the best options to proceed. 

Does your company use contractual agreements to protect your assets?

If your company provide construction services to clients, you need to have a contractual agreement in place for each project. 

A contractual agreement is a legal document that outlines the detailed terms of each project your company engages in. It safeguards your business in case of injury, scope changes, payment and much, much more.

If you do not have a written contractual agreement in place, contact Bell Law Firm to discuss drafting an agreement that will protect your company and your assets.

Time is of the Essence with Tennessee Lien Statutes

Often, time is of the essence when trying to secure your interest by perfecting a mechanic’s lien because if you miss the window of opportunity allowed by statute, then your rights may be waived or ultimately lost. It's important to act quickly.

Tennessee Lien statutes are extremely technical and often simple oversights may lead to mistakes that cost individuals their right to protect their interests.

Justin Bell has years of experience as a General Contractor and Business Owner

Mr. Bell is also a licensed General Contractor, who has owned and operated a construction company in Knoxville since 2008. With experience in residential new construction, remodel, and commercial construction, Mr. Bell has first-hand experience with the challenges many contractors and homeowners face while entering into agreements for improving real property.

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